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Interview Questions and Answers for Customer Service Representative

Interview General Skills for Customer Service Representative


You are invited for an interview for an entry level position as a representative of the customer service of the Bank for the City Bank. You will be asked questions about your relationship with your superiors, your learning skills and abilities. See the recommendations, after you go to the questions and answers below.

Question: Tell us about yourself.Focus on those aspects of your experience that apply to this position.

Answer: I graduated from Boston University in 2006 with a major in business administration. I was one of the best students in my major study at university as I expected myself to be. I was involved in extracurricular activities. Extra curriculum activities helped me to develop interpersonal skills. Then I took a position Customer Service Rep at HSBC in New York for two years. In this position, I was given the receipt of assignments. I served directly to customers face-to-face. The duties of this position have been trained: I looked at the information on the computer to customer requests. I answered questions from customers on the phone, transferred calls to the appropriate offices. I listen to customer complaints and alternatives offered by the actions, or contacts. I made phone calls to clients for emergencies. I answered questions about the interest rates on savings accounts. I escorted customers to the appropriate offices when necessary.

Question: What skills did you learn about this business?
Answer: First of all, I learned people skills: how to listen, how to answer questions and how to deal with difficult clients. With regard to technical skills, I learned a lot about banking, how to search for information on the computer for customer accounts, interest accounts, and service fees for business accounts. I learned to shoot computer problems trouble, facing problems unavailability. I also learned accounting database interfaces use my bank. They are everywhere the same, but different in terms of layout, data storage and access to customer accounts.

Question: What experiences have you had that demonstrate your skills in managing difficult customers?
Answer: In my position as customer service representative that I had developed a way to stay calm with difficult clients. This position helped me to focus on people skills to deal with customers in person and by phone. I learned how important it is to listen carefully, make the customer think I understand his / her point.Question: How did you deal with angry customers? Suppose a customer is screaming at you. How would you handle the situation?
I've seen "The angry customers" first position in my customer service representative. When dealing with angry customers, I have come to know: the most effective strategies has always had the patience to give appropriate assistance to the customer, be polite but firm. If I do my best, then I would take the next step, I would report to my supervisor. Or, I would remind the client so contact / it soon with an answer to the problem.

Question: A client calls and tells you that, because of unusual circumstances, it takes more time to make payment. Assuming you have the authority to decide, what information you need to make a decision on his application?
Answer: I see the payment history of that customer. According to the customer's payment history, I would tell the client what options he or she is a. First the company policy for customers late, interest costs of crime - 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. I would like to politely remind the customer of these terms of delinquency three, and one that most closely matches the payment history of his / her. Then I explain the terms of interest rates for each term of delinquency.

Question: Dealing with a high volume of customers is a result of this work. Tell me how you worked under pressure in a rapidly changing environment. How have you been able to successfully perform under pressure?
Answer: In my position with HSBC, I was expected to type when making calls, sometimes heavy call volume. I followed the instructions of my supervisor how to handle high call volume. I responded to calls after three rings, I listened to the customer briefly, then asked the customer to hold on and I would return to him soon. Or I would turn on a taped response for customers to listen to if I needed more time. Switch on the board I was taking calls in the order they were received, and give an appropriate response to the brief survey by the client. Because I was trained on what to say about the most frequently asked questions, I treated effectively to customer questions. After I was thorough with client calls, I would resume my typing.

Question: Is the customer always right?
Answer: The customer may not always be right, but I have to put my best face to the customer's request. Because, first, I work for a company where we need them to have a business. Second, I am facing a human being, and maintaining professional behavior to serve the customer is a must. I learned that nothing is more useful than to serve the client with professional attitude. Difficult for a client, I would apply the rule imposing: Be calm, not to discuss with the client to do your best.

Question: Why should we hire you?

Answer:They usually ask this question at the end: "Tell us why should we hire you if we have other candidates as well as you are?" This means: in order to choose you over other candidates, you should achieve a skill or characteristic that is rare. Think of your good traits and talk. For example:
You are a problem solver, you can manage your stress, you listen, you work well under pressure. You are a leader to inspire others to do their best, you are a team player, you know how to work with others. You must have one or two of these qualities that can clearly distinguish you from other candidates. Many applicants are likely the same type of skills, as they can all meet the requirements of training and experience for the position. What makes you an outstanding candidate is a unique quality that you can offer. For example, not everyone has the qualities of leadership, not everyone has an interesting personality. Many of us can be good workers, but not the leaders, have personalities, but just average. A candidate who can offer will be hired. If you have a unique quality about it.

Question: How many languages ​​do you speak?
For this question, you must be fluent in English if you are working with English-speaking clients. Improve your English by working every day, using Internet resources. See our ongoing conversation.
Answer: I speak Urdu, Russian or Hindu or Tagol my mother tongue and English as a second language. Please note the language you speak, they will tell you the level of skill required for the position.
General Skills for Customer Service Representative:
excellent people skills: telephone skills, listening and speaking
technical skills for the position of Customer Service Representative required by the industry. Customer Service Representative requirements vary by company, product and scope of the position. However, soft skills for the position of customer service include:

typing / keyboard (usually more than 40 words per minute)
computer and basic knowledge of Internet
knowledge of relevant software applications
digital applications in oral and written language
administrative procedures and information processing
principles of customer relations and practices
problem-solving skillsRecommendations for the interview with representative of customer service

Learn about the skills needed for the job and write for the interview. You definitely want to focus on people skills, technical skills, and problem solving. Consider an example or two for each. Also, if you are experienced in this line of work, such as the high volume of calls (call center experience), place it on your resume. If the company invites you for an interview, they must have loved your skills on your resume for the position of customer service representative. So talk about these skills in your resume.Role play with someone to make fun of the interview and answer questions.Learn about other skills needed for the job and write them to maintain Consider an example or two for each. Also, if you are experienced in this type of work in the high volume of phone calls, place it on your resume.

Have a copy of your résumé typed and formatted correctly. Include references if the company wants to check on your background.During the interview, if you're relaxed, you will do well. Thus the practice of relaxation before the interview, learn to keep calm in a stressful situation. If you meditate regularly before the interview, which will help a lot.

Dress for the interview:
Be groomed. Do not wear excessive makeup.
Wear a suit or a good two-piece jacket and skirt.

Demeanor Interview:
Be positive.Be courteous and pleasant.Listen up. Speak clearly.Have eye contact.Do not over-produce

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